ADVISE-DETA is a new company specialising in the design, construction and installation of in-process dielectric sensors and on-line monitoring and quality assurance systems for composites manufacturing processes. The knowledge and the IP rights of the relevant technology have been transferred to ADVISE-DETA from the Greek company ADVISE, which has a track record of developing quality control systems for advanced manufacturing processes as a result of research projects and bilateral collaborations with leading European and UK composite manufacturers.
ADVISE-DETA has established its ‘process control and QA technology’ laboratory in Bedford to support the installations of sensors, monitoring and quality control systems at leading composite manufacturing facilities in UK. The company has instrumented autoclaves, RTM moulds and pultrusion lines with dielectric sensors, advanced material state monitoring systems and on-line ultrasonic NDI testing equipment.
The core technology development within ADVISE-DETA lies with interdigital sensors, which have been applied to several fields, among other to cure monitoring, inspection and diagnostics of membranes purifying gases and nanomaterials dispersion in liquids. Around the sensing elements, the company has developed measurement electronics, software tools for data acquisition, modelling, simulation, optimisation and process control.

Role in GRAPHOSITE Project

ADVISE-DETA is involved in the development of the data acquisition system for graphene sensors and the facilitation of on-line measurement of strain and health monitoring of structures where the graphene sensor is attached.