Advise DETA Products

The activities of ADVISE-DETA are focusing on the application of measurements of the dielectric properties of the reacting resin to the process monitoring, optimisation and control of composite materials manufacturing. The company has developed all the components of a complete Cure Performance Monitoring System, DETA SCOPE, linked to highly durable dielectric sensors fit for batch and continuous processing of composites. The readings from the sensors are translated in real-time to actual material properties (i.e. viscosity and degree of cure). The operation of the system can improve the efficiency of production by determining optimal process conditions, which are inherently affected by the type of material and the geometry of structure.

Other products of ADVISE-DETA include DETA GEL (quality assurance system through gel detection and die profiling for pultrusion industries), DETA LEARN (cure profile optimisation software suite for composites manufacturing), DETA HEAT (multi-zone heating systems for self-heated tools) and PUL-NDI (on-line defect detection for composite profiles).