Haydale Composite Solutions Ltd.  Haydale

HAYDALE Composite Solutions Ltd is an independent research and development company based in Loughborough, UK specialising in the development of advanced composites and nanomaterial enhanced composites and their applications. The company employs highly qualified engineers with mechanical engineering and material science backgrounds.

The company has extensive knowledge of both thermosetting and thermoplastic based composites, manufacturing processes, structural design and applications across a broad range of industries. The company utilise the latest in computer aided design systems and have access to its own prototyping workshops.

We are a global technology solutions company passionate about creating the next generation of advanced materials. We bring together cutting-edge technology with engineering know-how to enhance the performance of products and materials thus delivering business value for our customers.

Innovation underpins everything we do.

Role in GRAPHOSITE Project

Haydales’ role in GRAPHOSITE is to act as the end-user; defining the end-user requirements including:

  • Potential exploitation routes, applications such as Aerospace and Wind Energy
  • Materials specifications – resin type, fibre type
  • Manufacturing processes – hand lay-up, resin infusion, autoclave
  • Prototype development including integration of sensor(s) into/onto composite structure
  • Mechanical testing and performance evaluation of sensors under typical load scenarios and impacts